6 National Championships in December

6 National Championships in December

December doesn’t stop… 7 National Championships to be held in Oceania. 

Whilst most of the world is coming to a halt with athletics competitions in the lead up to Christmas, the Oceania Area is starting to kick off. 

December is going to be a busy month, with 7 Federations due to host their National Championships in December. 

20, 27 Nov + 4,8 Dec     Marshall Islands National Championships                       Majuro, MHL

3-5 December               Papua New Guinea National Championships                  Kimbe, PNG

9-10 December             Vanuatu National Championships                                  Port Vila, VAN

11-18 December           Tuvalu National Championships                                     Funafuti, TUV

15-16 December           Samoa National Championships                                     Apia, SAM

December                     Northern Marianas National Championships                  Saipan, NMI

December                     Kiribati National Championships                                    Tarawa, KIR

18-19 December 2021   Oceania Combined Events                                             Brisbane, AUS

Papua New Guinea has begun preparations for their Championships by holding a 3-day Grand Prix Series meeting in Kimbe. Athletics PNG is flying in there best Technical Officials and athletes from around the country for the Championships, which has produced some of the best performances in the pacific in recent years. 

The Marshall Islands began their Championships last weekend and continues across several weekends. The action on Majuro is building up, with the rescheduled Micronesian Games due to be held there in 2023, and the National Championships is an important part to ensure not only athletes, but officials and volunteers are trained and ready to go come games time. 

Vanuatu will host their National Championships in Port Vila, at Korman Stadium again this year. Korman Stadium has played host to multiple National Championships since its refurbishment for the Mini Games in 2017. It is the home of Vanuatu athletics, with regular training sessions occurring there, as well as having an office at the Venue. 

Athletics Tuvalu will mark out a track on Funafuti, to hold their National Championships on. With no certified track, or a large space to be able to have a track marked full time. 

The Samoan National Championships will involve all ages and is looking to capitalise on the successful schools’ seasons. To be held at Apia Park, which hosted the most recent Pacific Games, and utilising equipment from those games. 

Despite some setbacks throughout the year, the Northern Marianas are planning and hoping to be able to hold a National Championships in December. With some ups and downs due to Covid restrictions throughout the year, NMI have held some events, but had to postpone their National Championships. 

The last of the national championships will be Kiribati. With meets being held regularly over the past few months, the resurgence of athletics in Kiribati will be seen at the National Championships.