Success for the Courses Conducted in PNG

Success for the Courses Conducted in PNG

Oceania Athletics Technical Officiating and Basic Coaching Course

As the year drew to a close Athletics PNG’s focus was in West New Britain Province, beginning with PNG Air Grand Prix from 26th Nov to 28th Nov, then an Oceania Technical Officiating Course from 29th Nov – 1st December followed by PNG Air National Athletics Championship from 3rd Dec – 5th December. After a one day break for everyone ,an Oceania Athletics Basic Coaching Course was delivered from 7th Dec – 9th December 2021. 

Athletics PNG saw the need for the wider community taking part in Athletics activities to provide them with the basic knowledge and skills on Technical Officiating and Basic Coaching so that they can directly apply their knowledge and skills on the emerging talents and interest of the young generation in WNBP.

There were 18 participants successfully completed the Oceania Technical Officiating Course. Hands on practical as part of the course officiated during the PNG Air National Athletics Championship. This was followed by 23 participants successfully completing the modules that covered in the Oceania Basic Coaching course.

There were a range of participants from all walks of life. Senior Public Servants, a greater number of teachers, one Police women, two electricians and the rest were athletes and youths.

The course was co-facilitated and delivered by Philip Kamanefrom National Sports Institute and Athletics PNG Executive Committee Member and Coach Malcolm Limbai ; with assistance from Lazarus Bureng and Frank Koibu.