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Oceania Athletics Awards

Oceania Athletics Awards

This past weekend saw the Oceania Athletics Congress and Administration Seminar.

The Saturday evening, the Congress Dinner was held at Twin Towns Resort, and the presentation of Oceania Athletics awards was held.

The award winners and nominees are listed below. We congratulate everyone.

Oceania Women’s Award
Maria Clarke (NZL)
Sharon Kwarula (PNG)
Marissa Peroy (GUM)
Litia Senibula (FIJ)
Eritabeta Teaiwa (KIR)

Winner Maria Clarke

Oceania Future Women’s Leaders Recognition Award
Stephanie Biggs (NZL)
Sharon Firisua (SOL)
Genie Gerardo (GUM)
Sisilia Seavula (FIJ)
Benita Willis (AUS)

Winner Genie Gerardo

Oceania Technical Official of the Year – Male
Biu Colati (FIJ)
Michael Lindstrom (AUS)
Philip Kamane (PNG)
Vuli Waqa (FIJ)
Peter Sinfield (AUS)

Winner Biu Colati

Oceania Technical Official of the Year – Female

Rachel Fisk (AUS)
Jenny Boardman (AUS)
Angelina Lewis-Revill (NZL)

Winner Jenny Boardman

Oceania Coaches Award – Male

Elias Rangamar (NMI)
Leone Benedito Qumi (FIJ)
Joe Taitano (GUM)
Peter Hannan (AUS)
Thomas Henderson (COK)
Eric Brown (AUS)
Walter Gill (NZL)
Dale Stevenson (NZL)

Winner – Eric Brown

Oceania Coaches Award – Female

Lyn Foreman (AUS)
Leslye Muller (AUS)
Ruth Mave (COK)

Winner – Leslye MullerE

Emerging Athlete of the Year – Male

WinnerAlex Beddoes (COK)

Emerging Athlete of the Year – Female

Winner Ata Maama Tu’utafaiva (TGA)

Emerging Para-Athlete of the Year – Male

WinnerJaryd Clifford (AUS)

Emerging Para-Athlete of the Year – Female

WinnerFriana Kwevira (VAN)

Para-Athlete of the Year – Male

WinnerKurt Fearnley (AUS)

Para-Athlete of the Year – Female

WinnerMadison De Rozario (AUS)

Athlete of the Year – Male

WinnerTomas Walsh (NZL)

Athlete of the Year – Female

Winner – Kathryn Mitchell (AUS)

Junior Athlete of the Year – Female

Winner – Maddison-Lee Wesche (NZL)

Junior Athlete of the Year – Male

Winner – Ashley Moloney (AUS)