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Sensational Start to Dubai 2019

Sensational Start to Dubai 2019

5 World Champions, 4 World Records and 14 Area Records

At the halfway point of Dubai 2019 World Para Athletics Championships and it has been tremendous start for the Oceania Region. 

Lisa Adams of New Zealand won the Women’s Shot Put F37 final on day three with a new World Record of 14.70m. Coached by her sister and two-time Olympic champion Valerie, Lisa was thrilled to continue the family legacy.

“I have been training maybe for a year and a half, and this is my international debut. I feel relieved and also really happy. There is more confidence after this event,” said an elated New Zealander.

Two-time Olympic Champion Valerie’s role in Lisa life is more than just being a sister. She is also a mentor to Lisa and F20 shot putter Jack Lewer.

“My sister knows a lot about shot put, and we are good at keeping things professional in the gym. It is a professional relationship of athlete-coach, and then she’s my sister,” asserts Lisa.

An upset on day 1 saw 20-year-old Australian Jaryd Clifford defeat Algeria’s Paralympic champion Abdellatif Baka in a new World Record time of 3:47.78 in the Men’s 1500m T13 Final. Clifford dominated the race all through 

“To get the gold medal against such a quality competition is huge confidence for the next year. These guys are excellent runners, and I’m honoured to be in a race against them, winning the gold medal,” said a jubilant Clifford.

“I could hear someone behind me, and it was like this is over, but I never gave up. It was crazy when I crossed the line,” added the Australian, who last year finished seventh in the IAAF World U20 Championships in Finland.

Fellow teammate, Nineteen-year-old Corey Anderson established a new record in his first throw in the men’s javelin F38 final (56.28). The distance was enough to take out the title on debut in the green and gold. 

Cameron Crombie (15.73) claimed Australia’s third gold medal in the men’s shot put F38. Cam successfully defended his gold medal from the last worlds championships in London two years ago.

“It’s massively about the support crew around me. There’s no way I would have got to this without the doctors and physios from Athletics Australia. That’s not a plug; that’s actually how it is,” Crombie said after his winning 15.73m throw.


James Turner, who qualified fourth fastest for the 100m (T36) final, scorched home in 11.72sec to set a new World Record and secure the Gold Medal

“It feels amazing. It hasn’t quite sunk in yet, as it was over so quickly,” Turner said. “I didn’t know about the world record until the Canadians told me.”


At the halfway point, Australia is currently sitting in 6th and New Zeland in 10th on the Medal Tally. Plenty more action to come;

All results, records and schedule from Dubai 2019 World Para Athletics Championships:

Medalist and Area Records

JarydCliffordAUS 🇦🇺1500mT1303:47.78WRGOLD 🥇
JarydCliffordAUS 🇦🇺5000mT1314:14.40WRGOLD 🥇
JamesTURNERAUS 🇦🇺400mT3651.71WRGOLD 🥇
JamesTURNERAUS 🇦🇺100mT3611.72WRGOLD 🥇
CameronCROMBIEAUS 🇦🇺ShotPutF3815.73 GOLD 🥇
Madisonde ROZARIOAUS 🇦🇺800mT5301:52.15CRGOLD 🥇
CoreyAndersonAUS 🇦🇺JavelinF3856.28mWRGOLD 🥇
LisaAdamsNZL 🇳🇿ShotPutF3714.80mWRGOLD 🥇
VanessaLOWAUS 🇦🇺Long JumpT634.68m GOLD 🥇
Madisonde ROZARIOAUS 🇦🇺5000mT5412:14.62 SILVER 🥈 
MichelRoegerAUS 🇦🇺1500mT4603:51.99ARSILVER 🥈 
ChadPERRISAUS 🇦🇺100mT1310.83 SILVER 🥈 
DanielleAitchisonNZL 🇳🇿200mT3629.86ARSILVER 🥈 
AnnaGrimaldiNZL 🇳🇿LongJumpT475.50m SILVER 🥈 
HollyROBINSONNZL 🇳🇿JavelinF4641.60m SILVER 🥈 
Madisonde ROZARIOAUS 🇦🇺1500mT543:34.30 SILVER 🥈 
SarahEDMISTONAUS 🇦🇺DiscusF6436.43mARSILVER 🥈 
RheedMCCRACKENAUS 🇦🇺100mT3415.51 SILVER 🥈 
SarahWALSHAUS 🇦🇺Long JumpT645.20mARBRONZE 🥉 
MartyJACKSONAUS 🇦🇺Shot PutF3815.14m BRONZE 🥉 
EvanO'HANLONAUS 🇦🇺100mT3811.05 BRONZE 🥉 
WilliamSTEDMANNZL 🇳🇿400mT3654.28 BRONZE 🥉 
DeonKENZIEAUS 🇦🇺1500mT384:08.49 BRONZE 🥉 
GuyHENLYAUS 🇦🇺DiscusF3751.43m BRONZE 🥉 
RhiannonCLARKEAUS 🇦🇺100mT3812.94ARBRONZE 🥉 
RhiannonCLARKEAUS 🇦🇺200mT3826.79ARBRONZE 🥉 
ElizaAULT-CONNELLAUS 🇦🇺400mT5455.30 BRONZE 🥉 
ClaireKEEFERAUS 🇦🇺Shot PutF419.19mARBRONZE 🥉 


SamCarterAUS 🇦🇺100mT5413.944th
ElizaAult-ConnellAUS 🇦🇺800mT541:51.934th
ElizaAult-ConnellAUS 🇦🇺100mT5416.795th
BriannaCoopAUS 🇦🇺100mT3515.865th
JaydenSawyerAUS 🇦🇺JavelinF3849.42m5th
AngieBallardAUS 🇦🇺400mT5301:01.866th
ElizaAult-ConnellAUS 🇦🇺1500mT543:36.466th
JacobPhillipsNZL 🇳🇿200mT3529.306th
AngieBallardAUS 🇦🇺100mT5317.44 6th
IosefoRakesaFIJ 🇫🇯Shot PutF419.827th 
LukeBaileyAUS 🇦🇺100mT5414.557th
CamCrombieAUS 🇦🇺JavelinF3845.87m7th
CaitlinDoreNZL 🇳🇿ShotPutF379.50m7th
TamsinColleyAUS 🇦🇺200mT3631.77s8th
SamWalkerAUS 🇦🇺ShotPutF3810.419th 
ToddHodgettsAUS 🇦🇺ShotPutF2014.88m9th
KenKAHUVAN 🇻🇺JavelinF6448.17m11th
Inosi MateaBULIMAIREWAFIJ 🇫🇯JavelinF6444.53m12th
MoreaMARAROSPNG 🇵🇬JavelinF3415.3212th
JackLewerNZL 🇳🇿ShotPutF2011.15m15th
JakeLappinAUS 🇦🇺800mT5401:37.155th
SamMcIntoshAUS 🇦🇺400mT521:14.87 7th 
SamWalkerAUS 🇦🇺100mT3811.69 10th 
AriGesiniAUS 🇦🇺100mT3812.0512th
AnnaGrimaldiNZL 🇳🇿100mT47 12.8010th
StevenABRAHAMPNG 🇵🇬100mT47 11.7521st