Three members of the National Track and Field Team joined 28 other participants from 16 sports in attending the Team PNG Hero Programme last week in Port Moresby. Poro Gahekave , Sharon Toako and Jacklyne Travertz were  all nominated by Athletics PNG to undertake the training at the invitation of the PNG Olympic Committee.The Team PNG HERO Programme is the PNG Olympic Committee’s athlete ambassador programme. The term ‘HERO’ reflects PNGOC’s core values of Honesty, Excellence, Respect and Openness. Athletics PNG strongly supports this initiative which recognises its elite athletes as role models, having the potential to influence positive change in society and represent the positive values associated with sport.

Our three girls were amazed at the programme, which they found to be incredibly inspiring and a real eye-opener for them. All commented highly favourably on the programme as it taught them so much and helps athletes to understand their own strengths and values. Athletics PNG congratulated PNG Athletes Commission Chairman Ryan Pini and his team as well as programme coordinator Milton Kisapai for a job well done.