2018 Oceania Athletics Regional Championships

2018 Oceania Athletics Regional Championships

The OAA Congress and Administration Seminar yesterday awarded the 2018 Area Regional Championships for the Melanesian, Micronesian and Polynesian Championships.


Port Vila, Vanuatu will host the 2018 Melanesian Championships on the newly refurbished Korman Stadium.  The event will be hosted by Vanuatu Athletics Association on the 9,10,11 May 2018.

The Micronesian Championships will head to the beautiful island of Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands where we have previously seen editions of the Oceania Area Championships and Micronesian Games.  In 2018, we will celebrate the Championships on the 14-16 June.


After a successful Youth Commonwealth Games in Samoa in September 2015, Apia is ready to host the 2018 Polynesian Regional Championships.  We look forward to heading back to Samoa in September for the Championships on the 6, 7, 8 September.

The allocation of Member Federations for the 2018 Championships will be:

Melanesian Championships:  AUS, FIJ, NCL, NFI, PNG, SOL, VAN, W&F

Micronesian Championships:  FSM, GUM, KIR, MHL, NMI, NRU, PLW

Polynesian Championships:  ASA, COK, NIU, NZL, PYF, SAM, TGA, TUV

Member Federations will be funded in their own Regional Championships, however they are encouraged to compete at the other Regional Championships utilising their own funding.

The venue for the 2020 Regional Championships will be decided at the three 2018 Regional Championships.