Para World Championships

Para World Championships

The Para Athletics World Championships have now concluded. Action took place at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Stadium, in London over the past 10 days.

32 world records were broken across the course of the Championships, in what was the most highly attended IPC World Championships to date.

Oceania was represented with athletes from Australia and New Zealand.

Australia had a successful championship, finishing 5th on the overall medal tally with 11 Gold Medal, 9 Silvers and 8 Bronze Medals.

The stars for Australia were Isis Holt, and James Turner, bringing home 5 gold medals between. Isis, repeated what she did two years ago, in winning the T35 100m and 200m. The 100m in a World Record time, and the 200m in a Championships Record.

James, won 3 gold medals, in the T36 200m, 400m and 800m. In the 800m, it was an Anzac battle ad clean sweep of the medals, with William Stedman running hard for the silver medal, and Keegan pitcher coming home strongly to finish with the bronze medal.

The New Zealand team, was not to be outdone, building from their successful lead in at the Oceania Championships, NZ finished with 5 medals overall, which improved on just 1 medal from 2 years ago, in Doha.

New Zealand, rounded out the preparations for the Championships, by competing at the Oceania Championships, in Suva, Fiji.


Name Classification Event Place Performance
Chad Perris AUS T13 100m 3rd 10.96
Rheed McCracken AUS T34 100m 2nd 15.4
Isis Holt AUS T35 100m 1st 13.43 (World Record)
Brianna Coop AUS T35 100m 4th 15.3
Carly Salmon AUS T35 100m 6th 15.92
Brayden Davidson AUS T36 100m 8th 13.29
Evan O’Hanlon AUS T38 100m 1st 11.07
Ella Pardy AUS T38 100m 6th 13.98
Erin Cleaver AUS T38 100m 7th 14.3
Scott Reardon AUS T42 100m 1st 12.21
Sam McIntosh AUS T52 100m 6th 18.69
Angela Ballard AUS T53 100m 2nd 16.84
Jaryd Clifford AUS T13 1500m 3rd 3.53.31
Deon Kenzie AUS T38 1500m 1st 4.06.68
Jake Lappin AUS T54 1500m 10th 3.17.4
Jemima Moore AUS T54 1500m 10th 3.30.94
Madison de Rozario AUS T54 1500m 3rd 3.25.56
Angela Ballard AUS T54 1500m 5th 3.25.79
Kurt Fearnley AUS T54 1500m 6th 3.05.26
Chad Perris AUS T13 200m 4th 22.08
Rheed McCracken AUS T34 200m 3rd 27.81
Isis Holt AUS T35 200m 1st 28.47 (Championships Record)
Brianna Coop AUS T35 200m 4th 32
Carly Salmon AUS T35 200m 6th 33.66
James Turner AUS T36 200m 1st 24.09
Keegan Pitcher NZL T36 200m 7th 25.53
Ella Pardy AUS T38 200m 5th 28.88
Torita Blake AUS T38 200m 7th 30.16
Angela Ballard AUS T53 200m 2nd 29.09
James Turner AUS T36 400m 1st 1.54.27 AR
Keegan Pitcher NZL T36 400m 3rd 55.23 (NZ Record)
William Stedman NZL T36 400m 6th 56.88
Torita Blake AUS T38 400m 3rd 1.09.24
Angela Ballard AUS T53 400m 4th 55.73
Madison de Rozario AUS T54 5000m 1st 12.33.48
Kurt Fearnley AUS T54 5000m 6th 11.12.22
Rheed McCracken AUS T34 800m 4th 1.46.98
James Turner AUS T36 800m 1st 2.08.78
William Stedman NZL T36 800m 2nd 2.11.86
Keegan Pitcher NZL T36 800m 3rd 2.13.49
Deon Kenzie AUS T38 800m 2nd 2.02.15
Madison de Rozario AUS T53 800m 2nd 1.54.88
Angela Ballard AUS T53 800m 6th 1.58.28
Russell Short AUS F12 Discus 7th 39.31m
Guy Henly AUS F37 Discus 2nd 53.59m
Rae Anderson AUS F38 Discus 5th 29.04m
Sarah Edmiston AUS F44 Discus 3rd 33.80m
Daniel Kirk AUS F44 Discus 7th 52.16m
Aaron Chatman AUS T47 High Jump 2nd 1.94m
Rae Anderson AUS F37 Javelin 2nd 24.98m
Jayden Sawyer AUS F38 Javelin 1st 52.96 (World Record)
Cameron Crosbie AUS F38 Javelin 5th 47.84
Rory McSweeney NZL F44 Javelin 7th 51.58m
Nicholas Hum AUS T20 Long Jump 5th 6.78m
Brayden Davidson AUS T36 Long Jump 3rd 5.39m
William Stedman NZL T36 Long Jump 4th 5.35m (PB)
Erin Cleaver AUS T38 Long Jump 2nd 4.61m
Sarah Walsh AUS T44 Long Jump 4th 4.86m
Anna Grimaldi NZL T47 Long Jump 4th 5.21m
Russell Short AUS F12 Shot Put 5th 14.29m
Todd Hodgetts AUS F20 Shot Put 3rd 15.96m
Louise Ellery AUS F32 Shot Put 6th 4.31m
Brydee Moore AUS F33 Shot Put 5th 4.40m
Jessee Wyatt AUS F33 Shot Put 6th 8.93m
Jessica Hamill NZL F34 Shot Put 3rd 7.77m
Cameron Crosbie AUS F38 Shot Put 1st 15.95m (World Record)
Martin Jackson AUS F38 Shot Put 4th 13.31m
Claire Keefer AUS F41 Shot Put 2nd 8.44m
Daniel Kirk AUS F44 Shot Put 5th 13.59m
Sarah Edmiston AUS F44 Shot Put 7th 8.04m