Flag Bearer at an Olympics games is a significantly proud moment for any athlete. Oceania Athletics is incredibly proud to be supporting all of our 15 nations in attendance for athletics; even prouder to know, a record number of Oceania Athletes are leading their member federations tonight at the Tokyo Opening Ceremony.

2020 Tokyo Flag Bearers (Oceania Athletics)

Palau (PLW) – Adrian Justin Jimena Ililau (men’s 100m)

Nauru (NRU) – Jonah Harris (men’s 100m)

Solomon Islands: Sharon Firisua (Marathon)

Guam: Regine TUGADE-WATSON (100m)

Samoa: Alex Rose (Discus)

Tuvalu: Karalo Maibuca & Matie Stanley (100m)

Micronesia (FSM) – Scott James Fiti (men’s 100m)