2023 Oceania Competitions

2023 Oceania Competitions

OAA has now confirmed the following Competitions Schedule in 2023

The proposed schedule is taking into consideration all athletes and what events they are targeting, and alignment to OAA strategic plan to give opportunities to athletes to attend World Ranking meets and qualification opportunities within the area.

Oceania Relays:

With the postponement of the 2023 World Relays, an opportunity would be lost for international relay qualification. The opportunity to qualify for relays is limited, with difficulty for international travel within Oceania.

The World Relays, next to be conducted in 2024, will now be a 32-team qualification to the World Championships and Olympic Games.  There are a number of Member Federations in the Oceania Region that are currently knocking on the door of relay qualification and that will have a far better chance now that the quota has been doubled for the World Relays. Teams from not only Oceania, will be invited to have the opportunity to post qualifying times.

A multiple day meet, around the same time as World Relays was, to provide multiple relay races for teams to attempt to qualify for World Relays, Budapest World Championships, and the Olympic Games. Having it a similar time (one week prior than WR scheduled), would allow the plans of MFs already in place to target a relay opportunity then, to continue.

Oceania Cup:

In 2023 the Oceania Cup will return. OAA has previously held editions of a Teams Competition, labelled the Oceania Cup and it would be the intention of OAA to host the competition again in 2023. With teams from:  Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia, Australia, New Zealand, Regional Australia, and the Host Member Federation, with a possibly of one other team to be confirmed.

Each team would be able to enter one (1) athlete in each event, with the events to be determined by the host location.

The three (3) Regional Teams consist of athletes from their Region (Melanesian, Micronesia, Polynesia). These teams would be selected by OAA Selection Committee, and to include at least one (1) representative from each MF. The teams would be based off results from the past 2 years, and the best athlete in each event to be selected to their regional team.

The Oceania Cup is an alignment to the Oceania strategic plan, we want to create appealing competitions so our talented athletes can entertain and inspire. Whilst OAA has previously had team competitions, there is limited meaningful team-based athletics competitions around the world. We see the Oceania Cup, as a way forward to create a sustained high-level team competition in Oceania.

Oceania Masters Championships:

For the first time in Oceania Masters History, the OMA Championships heads to the North Pacific into the Micronesia Region. Saipan is the largest island of the Northern Mariana Islands and it’s characterized by sandy shores and mountainous landscape and is the perfect location for the Oceania Masters Athletics Championships 2023.

This tropical paradise offers white sandy beaches with crystal clear water and pure, fresh air. It is a throwback to a relaxed lifestyle coupled with modern hotels, incredible sights, adventurous activities, and shopping. Garapan is the epicentre of activities with many hotels, restaurants, bars, and shopping options.

Oleai Stadium will be host venue in Saipan, it was the venue for the 2022 Pacific Mini Games Athletics and Ceremonies, is currently the best facility in the pacific. The local Organising Committee and Athletics Federation demonstrated an outstanding record to host major international competitions with the Mini Games, and Micronesian Championships previously.

Competition will run from Thursday 22nd of June until Monday 26th of June.

Oceania Area Championships

The Oceania Athletics Championships will return in 2024. A host venue will be announced in the first half of 2023, with the competition to take place in May or June 2024.

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