Regional Development Update

OAA visit to Kiribati

The purpose of the OAA Regional Development Centre (RDC) is to support the Member Federations in the Oceania Region as we work to promote the development of athletics in our respective countries. RDCs are responsible for the implementation of the IAAF Development Programme and the co-ordination of the development activities in our Region.

Since the opening of our RDC in 1990, a wide variety of RDC activities have been carried out and much valuable experience has been gained.The RDC Operational Policy is to improve the overall function of the network, and to encourage each RDC to take on greater responsibilities.

During 2017 the RDC facilitated, supported and/or assisted many courses in the Oceania Region.

Our database shows that:

  1. 19 courses were registered with the IAAF
  2. 10 Member Federations conducted a course in 2017
  3. 233 participants with 159 Male and 74 Female attended a course.

Our Member Federations participated in the Administration Seminar that was conducted in Suva before the Oceania Area Championships, this gave everyone the opportunity to network, update their knowledge and learn from other successful Member Federations.

Our Youth Activity in Suva was supported by the Voices of the Athletes, this program is made of 5 components:

  1. Play Safe – STOP HIV/AIDS
  2. Play True – ORADO
  3. Go Green – Sustainable Coastlines
  4. Be a Leader – Athletes Commission
  5. Stay Healthy – NCD

Since 1990 OAA have accredited approximately 2272 participants through either courses/workshops or seminars. We have conducted 204 courses in the area and can see the participants that have returned or who remain active in our region, we are very proud of the achievements our area has made by the knowledge and education they have received over 27 years.

OAA would like to thank the IAAF, ONOC, NOC’s, lecturers, mentor coaches and administrators of all Member Federations to make these opportunities available to our hard-working volunteers.

We are looking forward to an even better 2018 with the variety of opportunities we have available. Keep an eye on the OAA website in the Regional Development Centre section for the 2018 upcoming courses.