Weekly Recap

CECS II Lecturers course

This week the Oceania office is hosting a CECS Level II Lecturers course on the Gold Coast. The aim of the course is for each participant to gain the necessary skill to effectively run a CECS level 2 Coaching course up to the IAAF standards. However to be able to be accepted into this course you must already be a qualified IAAF standard CECS Level 2 coach. The participants will be taking their exam tomorrow (Friday 21st) hopefully they will all do well.




Next week Oceania Athletics will be hosting a TOECS Level II course on the Gold Coast, with over 20 people participating in this course. This course is designed to provide the participants with the knowledge and skills that will make them capable of officiating at international competitions. To be eligible to participate in this course you have to have a TOECS level I or equivalent.


Steve Moneghetti in the Berlin Marathon hall of fame

The Berlin Marathon is a race that has been widely accepted as the fastest in the world with ten world records having been set on the Berlin streets. Four time Olympian and Commonwealth Games Marathon gold medallist Steve Moneghetti has had the honour of opening the Berlin Marathon Hall of Fame and being recognised for when he won in 1990. He ran 2.08.16  the fastest time in the world that year and was also the first sub 2.10 performance in Berlin.