Vanuatu 2017 – Champions’ Program

Vanuatu 2017 – Champions’ Program

The Games Organising Committee is using the forthcoming Games as an opportunity to reach out to Primary School students and pass on many valuable messages to them.

The importance that sport plays in the lives of the people of Vanuatu is central to the outreach program. Young people are encouraged to participate in all sporting activities, and strive to be as good as they can. Not everybody can be a champion, but everybody can try their best. Achievement is something to be valued in whatever sphere of endeavor you embrace.

Central to the program are the messages about nutrition and healthy eating. All Pacific Island nations have a major problem with Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD’s), and if the idea is passed on to the young people, and regularly re-enforced over the years, we hope that the problem will be much less acute in the future.

Care of the environment is another important plank in the programme, as is the importance of academic education, which will set-up the students for a good life where they can support themselves, and eventually pass on the good values and attitudes to their own children.

Sam Kaiapam
Sam Kaiapam with the lesson plans for the program.

In every primary school in the country lesson plans and posters have been distributed and advice given to the teachers in how to use them. The program lasts for 26 weeks, covering sport, culture, environment, health and lifestyle (including anti-bullying), healthy habits and the character of champions. It is encouraging to see the Vanuatu Government 100% behind this program.