Michael Johnson Young Leaders Course

Michael Johnson Young Leaders Course

The Michael Johnson Young Leader course is open for nominations for 2018!

To nominate a young leader from your organization for the course please complete the attached nomination form and return to Adam Burgess (adam@coachesacrosscontinents.org) by Monday January 8th 2018. All nominations will be reviewed by the MJYL panel before the final group is notified in February 2018.

The Michael Johnson Young Leader course provides life-changing opportunities to young people around the world in sport, education and community leadership, providing the training, resources and support that they would not otherwise have, guiding them to a successful future. The nomination form has more information on what we are looking for in a young leader under ‘Criteria’ on page 2. They can be experienced in any sport, should be aged 18-23, come from a disadvantaged background, and be strong (but not necessarily fluent) in English.

For your reference the 7 days in Dallas for this group will likely be in June/July 2018 and all of their costs for this trip are covered by MJYL. Please note that MJYL will support with the costs of a passport/US visa application but you, as nominating organization, are responsible for working with the young leader to successfully get the passport/US visa.

If you have any questions not answered in the nomination form or website please let Adam Burgess know. They are excited to hear all about your strongest Young Leaders and providing them with this opportunity!

Nomination Form – Additional Information