Brian Roe – World Athletics Plaque of Merit

Tokyo Olympic Athletics Officials: 5 to Represent Oceania

Brian Roe (AUS) has great experience in all aspects of athletics – at local, national, area and international levels. He has for more than 35 years worked in the sport in both voluntary and professional capacities and continues to do so.  There could not be many people in World Athletics who have been involved in our sport in so many ways.

With his vast knowledge of the technical side of the sport, Brian has made a significant elected contribution to World Athletics through his membership of the Technical Committee since 2003 until it was disbanded in 2019.

Brian’s expertise and involvement in world athletics includes the following:

  • International Technical Official
  • Member – IAAF Technical Committee
  • Member – IAAF TOECS Working Group
  • Delegate to IAAF Congresses
  • Technical Delegate to many IAAF events and meetings including 2007 World Championships and 2010 World Indoors
  • Senior Lecturer on at least thirty RDC courses throughout the world – on administration, media, competition management and officiating
  • Consultant to IAAF Competitions and Member Services Departments
  • Athlete Representative

At Area and National level, Brian has served in countless ways, including as:

  • Team Manager and Selection Chair for Oceania and Australian Teams
  • Chair of Athletics Australia Doping Control Commission
  • Board Member, Competitions Manager, Legal Officer, Athletics Australia
  • President of his regional association – Athletics Tasmania
  • Race Director – Australian Marathon
  • Competition Director – Sydney Olympics, 1996 World Juniors and 2001 Goodwill Games
  • Meeting Director – Melbourne Meet (IAAF GP)

Brian, who has university qualifications in both arts and law, has significant expertise in event organisation and marketing, sponsorship acquisition and television broadcast liaison. He has also gained broader knowledge by working in other sports such as cycling and Australian football and was General Manager of the 1990 World Rowing Championships.

Oceania’s Plaque of Merit Award Winners:

Arthur Eustace (New Zealand)                                 1995

Denis Wilson (Australia)                                           2001

Robin Mitchell (Fiji)                                                    2003

Bill Bailey (Australia)                                                 2005

Margaret Mahony (Australia)                                  2007

Anne Tierney (Cook Islands)                                    2009

Geoff Annear (New Zealand)                                   2011

Roderick Syme (New Zealand)                                 2013

Fletcher McEwen (Australia)                                   2017

Filimoni Vuli Waqa (Fiji)                                            2019

Brian Roe (Australia)                                                 2021