McSweyn Area Record

McSweyn Area Record

Australian Stewart McSweyn has broken the Oceania Area 3000m Record in Rome overnight. 

The race was set up to run fast, with Irishman Sean Tobin taking the pace for the first 4 laps right on the requested 60 seconds a lap. With McSweyn sitting in second, when Tobin dropped out after 1800m, it was Stewart who keep the pace going, with Ugandan Jacob Kiplimo and Norway’s Jakob Ingerbrigsten following behind. INgerbrigsten took the lead with a lap to go with McSweyn fighting on for 3rd

Stewart McSweyn broke Craig Mottram’s 3000m Area Record. Mottram at one stage held the Area Record from the mile to 5000m. McSweyn now joins a rich history of runners who have held the 3000m record, including Olympic Gold Medallist John Walker, Olympic medallists Rod Dixon and Ron Clarke to name a few. 

McSweyn now sits 17th all-time in the 3000m, and this follows his Area 10,000m record from December last year. McSweyn’s coach Nic Bideau, also coached Craig Mottram to the 3000m record, and current Women’s 3000m record holder Benita Willis. The Women’s 3000m record is under threat by Jess Hull, newly minted 1500m Area Record holder. 


8:45.0e                Fred COLMAN    AUS       111112                2              Melbourne         28.01.35

8:25                     John LANDY        AUS       120430                1              Geelong                  .01.52

8:23.6                  Les PERRY           AUS       290123                3              Oslo                     31.07.52

8:19.8                  Les PERRY           AUS       290123                2              Göteborg            06.08.52

8:09.4                  John LANDY        AUS       120430                1+              Pori                      25.06.54

8:01.4                  Albert THOMAS AUS       080235                1              Sydney                19.01.60

8:00.0                  Ron CLARKE        AUS       210237                1              Melbourne         04.12.63

7:51.0                  Ron CLARKE        AUS       210237                2+              Melun                 24.06.65

7:47.2                  Ron CLARKE        AUS       210237                1+              Västerås              27.06.67

7:41.0                  Rod DIXON          AUS       130750                1              Milan                   02.07.74

7:37.49                John WALKER     AUS       120152                3              London                17.07.82

7:37.30                Craig MOTTRAM AUS       180680                              Monaco              14.07.02

7:32.                    Craig MOTTRA M AUS       180680                              Lille (N-X)                         

7:32.19                Craig MOTTRAM  AUS       180680                1              Athens                 17.09.06

7.28.02                Stewart McSweyn AUS       010695                3              Rome                  18.09.20