Oceania @ IAAF World Championships 2017

Oceania @ IAAF World Championships 2017

The World Athletics Championships wrapped up this week in London.

Oceania was proudly represented by 88 athletes from 17 Federations.

The highlights,  include Gold Medals to Tomas Walsh (NZL – Shot Put) and Sally Pearson (AUS – 100m Hurdles), an Oceania Record to secure a silver medal to Dani Stevens (AUS – Discus Throw) and two National Records, Patricia Taea (COK – 100m) and Quentin Rew (NZL – 50km Walk).

Name FED Event Place Result
Dysard Dageago NRU 100m Mens Preliminary rounds 11.6
Jeki Lanki MHL 100m Mens Preliminary rounds 11.91 Personal Best
Gwynn Uehara PLW 100m Mens Preliminary rounds 11.47 Seasons Best
Scot James Fiti FSM 100m Mens Preliminary rounds 11.23 Personal Best
Paul Ma’unikeni SOL 100m Mens Preliminary rounds 11.31 Personal Best
Mobera Tonana KIR 100m Mens Preliminary rounds 11.91 Seasons Best
Lelu Tamoa TUV 100m Mens Preliminary rounds 12.12 Personal Best
Toea Wisil PNG 100m Women Heats 11.41
Patricia Taea COK 100m Women Heats 12.18 National Record
Hereiti Bernardino PYF 100m Women Heats 12.88
Zarinae Sapong NMI 100m Women Heats 13.29 Personal Best
Steven Solomon AUS 400m Mens Heats 46.27
Sailosi Tubuilagi FIJ 400m Mens Heats 48.98
Morgan Mitchell AUS 400m Womens Heats 52.22
Peter Bol AUS 800m Mens Heats 1:49.65
Angela Petty NZL 800m Womens Heats 2:01.76
Brittany McGowan AUS 800m Womens Heats 2:02.25
Georgia Griffith AUS 800m Womens Heats 2:03.54
Lora Storey AUS 800m Womens Heats 2:07.17
Ryan Gregson AUS 1500m Mens Heats 3:43.28
Jordan Williams AUS 1500m Mens Semi-Finals 3:38.93
Luke Mathews AUS 1500m Mens Semi-Finals 3:40.91
Nicholas Willis NZL 1500m Mens 8th Place 3:36.82
Georgia Griffith AUS 1500m Womens Heats 4:08.99
Linden Hall AUS 1500m Womens Heats 4:10.51
Zoe Buckman AUS 1500m Womens Semi-Finals 4:05.93
Morgan McDonald AUS 5000m Mens Heats 13.30.73
Sam Mcentee AUS 5000m Mens Heats 13.31.58
Patrick Tiernan AUS 5000m Mens 11th Place 13:40.01
Madeline Hills AUS 5000m Womens Heats 15:13.77
Eloise Wellings AUS 5000m Womens Heats 15.25.92
Heidi See AUS 5000m Womens Heats 15.38.86
Camille Buscomb NZL 5000m Womens Heats 15.40.41
Zane Robertson NZL 10000m Mens 16th Place 27:48.59 Seasons Best
Patrick Tiernan AUS 10000m Mens Finals 29.23.72
Eloise Wellings AUS 10000m Womens Finals 32:26.31 Seasons Best
Madeline Hills AUS 10000m Womens Finals 32:48.57
Camille Buscomb NZL 10000m Womens Finals 33:07.53
Jack Colreavy AUS Marathon Men Finals 2:21.44
Brad Milosevic AUS Marathon Men Finals 2:25.14
Josh Harris AUS Marathon Men Finals DNF
Jessica Trengrove AUS Marathon Womens 9th Place 2:28.59
Sinead Diver AUS Marathon Womens Finals 2:33.26
Milly Clark AUS Marathon Womens Finals 2:35.27
Stewart Mcsweyn AUS 3000m Steeplechase Mens Heats 8:47.53
Victoria Mitchell AUS 3000m Steeplechase Woens Heats 10:00.40
Genevieve Lacaze AUS 3000m Steeplechase Womens 12th Place 9:26.25 Seasons Best
Michelle Jenneke AUS 100m Hurdles Womens Semi-Finals 13.25
Sally Pearson AUS 100m Hurdles Womens 1st Place 12.59
Nicholas Hough AUS 100m Hurdles Mens Heats 13.61
Ephraim Lerkin PNG 400m Hurdles Men Heats 52.36
Lauren Wells AUS 400m Hurdles Women Heats 56.49
Cedric Dubler AUS Decathlon 18th 7728
Nicola McDermott AUS High Jump Qualifying NM
Kurtis Marschall AUS Pole Vault 7th 5.65
Eliza Mccartney NZL Pole Vault 9th Place 4.55
Liz Parnov AUS Pole Vault Qualifying 4.35
Fabrice Lapierre AUS Long Jump 11th Place 7.93
Henry Frayne AUS Long Jump Qualifying 7.88
Brooke Stratton AUS Long Jump 6th 6.67
Rellie Kaputin PNG Long Jump Qualifying 5.59
Tomas Walsh NZL Shot Put 1st Place 22.03
Jacko Gill NZL Shot Put 9th Place 20.82
Damien Birkenhead AUS Shot Put Qualifying 19.9
Alex Rose SAM Discus Throw Qualifying 61.62
Benn Harradine AUS Discus Throw Qualifying 60.95
Mitchell Cooper AUS Discus Throw Qualifying 57.26
Marshall Hall NZL Discus Throw Qualifying 56.64
Dani Stevens AUS Discus Throw 2nd Place 69.64 Oceania Record
Taryn Gollshewsky AUS Discus Throw Qualifying 54.29
Julia Ratcliffe NZL Hammer Throw Qualifying 64.72
Ben Langton-Burnell NZL Javelin Throw Qualifying 76.46
Hamish Peacock AUS Javelin Throw Qualifying 82.46
Kesley Lee-Roberts AUS Javelin Throw 10th Place 60.76
Kathryn Mitchell AUS Javelin Throw Qualifying 57.42
Dane Bird-Smith AUS 20km Race Walk 6th Place 1:19:28 Personal Best
Rhydian Cowley AUS 20km Race Walk 56th Place 1:30:40
Regan Lamble AUS 20km Race Walk 22nd Place 1:31:30
Beki Smith AUS 20km Race Walk 38th Place 1:35:31
Claire Tallent AUS 20km Race Walk 43rd Place 1:37:05 Seasons Best
Quentin Rew NZL 50km Race Walk 12th Place 3:46:29 National Record
Australia AUS 4 x 100m Relay Men 12th Place 38.88 Seasons Best
Australia AUS 4 x 400m Relay Women 10th Place 03:28.0 Seasons Best