“I always want to do my country proud.”

“I always want to do my country proud.”

Congratulations to Leslie Copeland for his performance in the Men’s Javelin. A throw of 76,04m got him in 17th position in the Qualification.
Leslie has been very focused leading up to the competition in order to achieve his goal and make the final. He traveled to his second Olympics in Rio with his coach James Goulding and the Fijian team starting their trip on 29th July.

Even though he couldn’t quite achieve a new PB he did his best and showed that there are great throwers in the Pacific: “Representing Fiji has always been close to my heart, and this means to represent the people, rich and poor, young and old, everyone that calls themselves Fijian.  I also represent my family and I am also an ambassador of a good sportsman and a good Christian. I always want to do my country proud.”

While in Brazil Leslie wants to support the rest of his team and also visit the Jesus Statue of Rio. “I want to visit the Jesus Statue and help a needy person there.”

After almost one month overseas spending time with his family, his wife and son is what Leslie is looking forward to the most after the Games. Later in the year he will start the preparation for the new season.
You are a great athlete and we hope you will enjoy the rest of the Olympic Games. Safe travels home for the whole Fijian team!

Leslie at the Melanesian Championships in Suva, Fiji 2016