Continental Tour 2022: Oceania

The Continental Tour in 2022 will begin in New Zealand, at the Potts Classic, and includes 12 Meetings in Oceania before criss-crossing the globe and each of the six (6) continental geographical areas.

The Continental Tour will be expanded in 2022 to include 4 levels, with the newly introduced Challenger Level, which was the previous Area Permit Meets.

More than 130 meetings, and 12 within Oceania, have been included in the Tour so far. The Tour is divided into 4 categories, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and the newly included Challenger. The status of each meeting determined by the quality of competition and prizemoney on offer.  

The Continental Tour are the pathway to qualification for Major World Athletics events, and in 2022, that will be the World Championships to be held in Eugene, USA.

The 2022 Season will begin in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, with the Potts Classic. The Potts Classic was original Hawkes Bay meeting, and renamed after Sylvia and Allan Potts, after their passing. Sylvia represented New Zealand at the 1968 Olympic Games, and was coached by Allan during her career, and once retired joined Allan in coaching many young athletes at the Hastings Club.   

Further information for each meeting, can be found through the Calendar on the Oceania Athletics Website.


22nd January       Potts Classic                                                  Continental Tour Challenger                       

26th January        Zatopek                                                         Continental Tour Challenger                       

30th January        Cooks Classic                                                 Continental Tour Challenger                       

5th February       Capital Classic                                               Continental Tour Challenger                       

6th February       Sola Powered Throws Meet                       Continental Tour Challenger                       

12th February     Adelaide Invitational                                  Continental Tour Challenger                       

17th February     International Track Meet                            Continental Tour Bronze               

20th February     Sir Graeme Douglas International              Continental Tour Bronze               

12th March         Melbourne Track Classic                             Continental Tour Bronze               

19th March          Sydney Track Classic                                    Continental Tour Bronze               

23rd March          Night of 5s                                                     Continental Tour Challenger

9th April               Brisbane Track Classic                                 Continental Tour Silver                  

We are continuing to work with our Member Federations, Meeting Organisers and World Athletics regarding the differing circumstances and regulations with Covid-19. Should there be Any further changes or alterations to Meetings they will be published via the Oceania Athletics Website and Social Media channels.