Vanuatu National Championships

Vanuatu National Championships

2020 was a challenging year for Athletics Vanuatu especially with the pandemic affecting the whole world. As a result, there was no regional and international competition happening and therefore no athletes are training and no coaches are seen on track.

With this issue, The National championship looks as if no athletes will attend the competition. Nevertheless, the total entries received for the events are 92. This is a large number especially in Port Vila League alone.

From the Southern Islands, Tafea Athletics league looks set to attend the championship, but sadly there was misinformation about the arrival and the departure of the passenger boat (Vanuatu Ferry), so the athletes missed the departure and therefore Athletics Tafea was not able to attend the championship.

The weather was fine in the morning for day 1 of the competition. The turnout of the athletes on day one wasn’t too good, however this doesn’t stop the championship from happening.

The competition starts with the 100 meters’ female and male. The 100 meters are straight final. The female runner from SHEFA Athletics League took the 100m in a time of 14.27” and for the male 100m, it was won by Tickie Terry Mael from VLightsFlash Athletics Club in a time of 11.92”. The highlight in the 100 meters’ female is the twin girls (Natash & Natalie Tulang) 13 years old and looks impressive with a timing of 14.67” and 14.72”. The twins could be the future prospects of Vanuatu in the sprint events.

The para- athletes have also competed in day one in their respective events.

Day 2 starts with the 200 meter finals for male and female and followed by other events. The highlight of day 2 was Ken Kahu a Para-athlete who compete in the Javelin and throw a distance of 48.60 meter. The distance could be a para Olympic qualifier, however needs to be achieved in a recognized competition.

Day 2 competition ends with relays the 4×100 meter male and female and the 4×400 meter male and female.

Sports in Vanuatu is now highly competitive especially with prize money. Therefore, in this championship Athletics Vanuatu has decided to award the leagues and clubs with price money which is also a motivation to keep the athletes in the sport.

Point from all events are added up and clubs or leagues who has the highest points gets the 1st price and followed by second and third. Also a participation price was given to clubs and leagues who made an effort to be part of the competition.

Athletics Vanuatu has organized a dinner night for all the participant and there the price is presented to the winners of the championship.

First place goes to Zion Athletics club, second place goes to Lightning Tracks Athletics, third place goes to VLightsFlash Athletics Club and participating award was presented to SHEFA Athletics, 73 Dark Street Athletics and IUPA (Inter Union of Provincial Athletics).

Results can be found here