Solomon Islands OBAS Course

Solomon Islands OBAS Course

During the week, the Solomon Islands Athletics Federation conducted an Oceania Basic Athletics Scheme Course to empower coaches and teachers to conduct Athletics sessions in their respective communities and schools.

The Oceania Basic Athletics Scheme (OBAS) is a coaches course to meet the needs of athletics volunteers. The course introduces the basic principles of coaching to someone with a limited background in the sport.

OBAS gives the first step into the athletic world for those without experience by providing the skills and knowledge necessary to conduct basic athletics programs in isolated and resource-limited communities. At the same time, it provides a stepping-stone to the more formal World Athletics coaching courses.

We congratulate the lecturer Mr Jack Iroga for sharing his knowledge and giving inspiration to the new generation of coaches; we also congratulate Mr Chris Walasi and his team for organising the course that will promote Athletics’ sport in the country.

We look forward to watching the 29 participants using this newfound knowledge within their local schools to build a healthier and active community.