Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap

Toecs 1 in Tuvalu

Last month Tuvalu Athletics Association held a TOECS level 1 in Funafuti. The course ran from the 27th of April to the 4th of May. There were 13 people participating in the course 11 Males and 2 Females. The lecturer for this course was Filimoni Waqa. This course was Funded by the AOD



Guam Track and Field

The Guam Track and Field Association (GTFA) held the 2017 National Championship in the morning of Saturday the 10th of June at the Guam High School Track. Local athletes have come to participate in the event in hopes of qualifying for the Pacific Mini Games in Vanuatu later this year while all the other athletes have just come to participate. The weather at this event was blue skies and plenty of heat. A Highlight of the weekend was that several of Guam’s Olympic athletes such as Derek Mandell, Justin Andre and Josh Illustre competed. A great part of this event is that it gives a chance for upcoming young athletes to compete and show off their skills.Overall the weekend was a success.
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Cook Islands Kumete Championships

2 weeks ago the Kumete Championships event was held Around the cook islands  This is an annual village athletics event where all the communities come together and compete for points for their village. A lot of sporting families  came out to be a part of this event.
Day 1 of the competition was on the 3rd of June the first event was held in Avarua town the Cycle round the island.
Day 2 of the Competition was the track and field events started off with Discus  and middle distance 3000m and 5000m followed by the very popular Tug of war. This event has been going for a long time but is still an event that the kids can enjoy.


OAA Congress

Coming up next week is the OAA congress which the IAAF will be attending. the Congress is set to be held the week before the Area Championships. A Special Guest to the congress will be lord Sebastian Coe.

Oceania Area Champs

Only Two weeks left until the start of the Oceania Athletics Area Championships set in Fiji. If your going You’d better start getting ready and making sure you’ll have everything you think you’ll need such if your staying at the USP to bring a towel and toiletries. Hoping to see you all there.