Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap

Life members

Before the start of the of the Oceania Area Championships Oceania Athletics Association was proud to present Life Membership to Mr Albert Miller (FIJ) and Mr Denis Wilson AM (AUS) at the Oceania Athletics Association Congress Dinner in Fiji at the time of the OAA Congress.

Albert Miller has been involved in all facets of the sport of Athletics since a very early age.  Albert went on to represent Fiji at the Olympics

Denis Wilson’s contribution to athletics has been immense from club to international level – as an athlete, official and administrator of the highest quality.



Athletics youth Seminar

Before the Start of the Oceania Area Champs OAA in co-operation with the Voice of the Athletes held an educational youth activity seminar. This activity was split up into 8 different stations


1. Registration

Participants would Register; their Name, Country. Once they registered, they received an Activity Card. At the end of each station, the
educator would Sign directing the participant to the next station.


2. Play Safe -STOP HIV/AIDS Fiji

This station tested the participant’s knowledge on HIV and STI. In this game, athletes were briefly informed on HIV and STI then quizzed in a game of “Touch and Slide”. Then they were given a list of body fluids and were told to identify the major 5 body fluids.


3. Go Green – Sustainable Coastlines

Participants are given 10 pictures as a group and are given 3 minutes to arrange them to tell a story. They are then asked to present their story. They are asked questions on saving the environment.


4. Be a leader – Athlete’s Commission

‘Be A Leader’ is a station which promotes the participants to realise that they can make a positive change in their communities. At this station, the Facilitator greets participants and tells them what the station is about. He then asks them general questions on Leadership and builds on this knowledge.


5. Play True – ORADO

Play True” discusses the importance of anti-doping in Sports.


6. Stay Healthy – NCD

The participants were to choose a letter from the word “SNAP” then once chosen
they were to play a game of charades by appointing one person to place the key
word on their forehead and for the team mates to act out the word.


7. Doping Made Me a Man – Short Anti-Doping Documentary

This station was a small video documentary about and german athlete that due to taking drugs had an increased amount of testosterone in her body which caused her change genders.

8. Life of a Pro Athlete – What Life as a pro Athlete Involves

This station was facilitated by a few older athletes from the Oceania Region. For this Station they would discuss what the life of a pro athlete involves, such as what it is like to live on tour during this segment the participants could ask questions.


PSP extension

OAA is pleased to announce that the Pacific Sports Partnership with Athletics Fiji will be extended by another 12 months. We want to thank the Australian Government for their continuous support in Sports for Development in the Pacific Region.

The next 12 month of PSP will focus on topics such as disability inclusion, women empowerment and NCDs. OAA is currently in the planning stages of a “Coaching athletes with disabilities” seminar and a Women leader’s course.


Nei Kairao’s work with Women in Kiribati

Funding from the Australian Government, via the Pacific Sport Partnership (PSP), has enabled a number of parallel projects to happen In Kiribati encouragement of ‘Women in the Community’ to become more physically active and enjoy sports. the idea is to improve health by exercise; but also to organise a team to represent TUC (the Council of the eastern part of South Tarawa) in the womens’ events at the forthcoming bi-annial ‘RUNGA’ (Inter-Island Games).