“I’ve got my fast shoes ready”

“I’ve got my fast shoes ready”

Watch Rodman run on Saturday, 13th August at 22.30 (Australian time).

Rodman Teltull is one of the five athletes competing for Palau at the Olympic Games in Rio. He is excited and can’t wait for competition.

“I’ve got my fast shoes ready.”

“I’m looking forward to the competition, the experience, Rio and its sights. I can’t wait to see what Rio looks like”, Rodman said just before he was about to leave for his journey to Rio.

It’s his second Olympic Games after London 2012, “but to me it’s my first.” He hasn’t felt prepared for it in London and hadn’t really had proper training beforehand. This time he has been working towards it for more than 2 years with his coaches Tony and Alison Fairweather. Last month in Fiji he was able to set his new Personal Best to 10.52 and feels now well prepared to achieve his goal: “I want to run 10.47 seconds, that’s my goal.”
With his coaches by his side Rodman feels more confident towards achieving his goal. “It gives you confidence having someone standing next to you.”

Team Palau consists of five athletes: Two Swimmers, one Wrestler, one Canoe sprinter and Rodman, who is competing in the 100m Sprints. “It’s a small team, we will have a great experience.”

After Rio everything is open for Rodman. He will be going home to Palau to visit his family and friends he hasn’t seen in a while. After that he might be coming back to Australia and keep training, he also would like to get into coaching and support young athletes in Palau. “My coaches want me to come back, but it’s very tough.”

We wish you all the best in your race and hope you will get through a few rounds.