Patricia Taea and Team Cook Islands in Rio

Patricia Taea and Team Cook Islands in Rio

Patty is looking forward to her second Olympic Games in Rio. She has left on Monday, 1st August with her coach Tony Fairweather. After competing at the London Olympics 2012 representing the Cook Islands in the 100m she is feeling well prepared and in a lot better shape than 4 years ago.

Patty has been on an Olympic scholarship the last 4 years, living and training at the Gold Coast. She remembers the Olympic Vibe to be very special and is looking forward to be part of the Cook Islands Team, meeting old friends and making new ones. “I am super excited and I can’t wait to see what Rio is like. Even though athletes on the Cook Islands team live in different countries, we are all still Cook Island people. I can’t wait to meet my old people and hang out with them.” Patty wants to get to know the culture of Brazil and learn about the country. At least the climate should be similar to her home country. Of course she brought a whole lot of insect repellent to keep the mossies away. She will need that when she goes to explore the sights of Rio.

For after the Games the plans are not quite clear yet, only one thing is for sure, Patty wants to keep running. It would be hard to train at home by herself in the Islands, she says, which is one reason she wants to come back to Australia. Her coaches and her squad are at the Gold Coast and she is looking to keep up the work.

Go Team Cook Islands!