Prime Minister Salwai Visits Korman Stadium

Prime Minister Salwai Visits Korman Stadium

Prime Minister Charlot Salwai and Chinese Ambassador Liu Quan were yesterday briefed on the progress work of the construction of the different facilities at the Korman Stadium construction site.

China Civil Engineering Construction Company media officer, Ms Lilyrose Welwel said that the PM and the Chinese Ambassador were taken through the sports facility to see the latest development and see the progress made so far by the company.

A report was made on the progress since July 3 and it’s about the main scope of works for the two gymnasiums.

Welwel says the main gymnasium that has had its roof completed, will cater up to 1,000 seats and will house the netball and table tennis.

It is a multipurpose facility as it includes two athletics preparation room, equipment room and a VIP lounge that will be right under the grandstand.

Ms Welwel said that the new sports facility that is halfway through completion has a total of 10 new courts that includes four beach volleyball courts and six tennis courts.

Concrete base and gravel layer for all 4 beach volleyball courts has been completed, waiting for sand to be provided and concrete base for the 6 tennis courts has also been completed, with 65% of fencing already finalized.

The workers are also replacing the track field and work on the drainage and the maintenance of the track field.

Walking path repair has been finalized with works currently conducted on the plastic track surface, Welwel said.

She reiterated that the small gymnasium has had its roof completed and its outer wall plastering completed, interior wall plastering was 90% completed.

The indoor concrete pad is completed and window completed and this will hold up to 400 seats and will house indoor sports such as boxing, karate and weightlifting.

This facility also has athletes room and VIP Lounge, equipment room and office space so all these are about to be completed before the Van2017 Games takes place.

There were about 30 people from the PM’s Office, the Chinese Embassy and Van2017 Team, CCECC and the Ministry of Youth and Sports who accompanied PM Salwai and Ambassador Quan on the excursion.