#IDSDP Weekly athletics in schools in Kiribati

#IDSDP Weekly athletics in schools in Kiribati

Today we are celebrating International Day of Sport for Development and Peace and we are looking at Kiribati as one of our Member Federations and partner in the Pacific Sports Partnership program funded by the Australian government. The Development Program is only a month old, but there has already been lots of activity in the schools on Tarawa.

Newly appointed Sport Development Officer Nooa Takooa has shown his commitment to the project with his detailed report including photos.

Nooa spent the first week of March visiting the secondary schools on Tarawa and negotiating with the principals suitable days and times for athletics sessions. A busy schedule has been developed for the former National athlete of Kiribati, which will send him all over the island each week.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8.30am   BTC JSS   BTC JSS  
10am     TUC 2 JSS  
12 noon         KGV & EBS
12.45pm   TUC 2 JSS      
2pm     Saint Patrick College    
2.30pm TUC 1 JSS William Goward Memorial College TUC 1 JSS William Goward Memorial College Moroni High School
3.15pm Sacred Heart High School       Sacred Heart High School


Nooa got to know the different schools, the students and their levels of fitness. He quickly found out what works and what doesn’t. At the beginning of each session he motivates and encourages all student to learn new skills and to ask any questions they may have in regards to a specific exercise or in general.


After the warm up Nooa demonstrates basic running drills for the students to replicate. As an athlete Nooa has practiced these drills many times and can correct his students individually.


Nooa quickly found out that the level of fitness is different from school to school and class to class. Some of the students are more experienced in athletics than others, they are fast learners and he can move on with the different tasks much quicker. Others may need a few more practice rounds to really get the task right.


In the next sessions once the basic running drills have been understood Nooa moves on to throws. He introduces the shot put and uses improvised equipment to explain technique and basic exercises.


Not all of the appointments set with schools have led to successful implemented sessions. Changes in timetables and other commitments clashed with the sessions planned and new arrangements need to be made.

Kiribati Athletics Association is on a good way to make athletics a part of school life and give every child the opportunity to have fun while learning new skills.

What would be better news than this on International Day of Sport for Development and Peace?!