With the 2016 Paralympics finished the Oceania Region has had unprecedented results. Congratulations to all athletes on their performances.


MEDALISTS from the Oceania Region


Bradyen Davidson (AUS) – Men T36 Long Jump 5.62m

Scott Reardon (AUS) – Men T42 100m

James Turner – (AUS) Men T36 800m 2.02.39 (World Record)

Anna Grimaldi (NZL) – Women T47 Long Jump 5.62m

Liam Malone (NZL) – Men T44 200m 21.06 (Paralympic Record)

Liam Malone (NZL) – Men T44 400m 46.20 (Paralympic Record)


Deon Kenzie (AUS) – Men T38 1500m 4:15.00

Evan O’Hanlon (AUS) – Men T38 100m

Rheed McCracken (AUS) – Men T34 100m

Taylor Doyle (AUS) – Women T38 Long Jump 4.62m

Isis Holt (AUS) – Women T35 100m 13.75

Kurt Fearnley (AUS) – Men T54 Marathon 1:26.17

Madison De Rozario (AUS) – Women T53 800m

4 x 400m Relay Team (AUS) – Women T53-54 (C.Dawes, J.Moore, M.De Rozario, A.Ballard)

Liam Malone (NZL) – Men T44 100m 11.02

Holly Robinson (NZL) – Women F46 Javelin 41.22m


Carlee Beattie (AUS) = Women T47 Long Jump 5.57m

Angela Ballard (AUS) – Women T53 100m 16.59

Angela Ballard (AUS) – Women T53 400m 55.28

Chad Perris (AUS) – Men T13 100m 10.83

Claire Keefer (AUS) – Women F41 Shot Put 8.16m

Todd Hodgetts (AUS) – Men F20 Shot Put 15.82m

Kurt Fearnley (AUS) – Men T53/54 5000m 11:02.40

Rheed McCraken (AUS) – Men T34 800m 1:41.30

Jodi Elkington- Jones (AUS) – Women T37 Long Jump 4.30m

Michael Roger (AUS) – Men T46 1500m 4.01.30

Katherine Proudfoot (AUS) – Women F36 Shot Put 9.70m

Aaron Chatman (AUS) – Men T47 Hight Jump 1.99m

4 x 100m Relay Team (AUS) Women T35-38 (J.Elkington-Jones, E.Cleaver, I.Holt, E.Pardy)

Rory McSweeney (NZL) – Men F42-44 Javelin 54.99m

Jessica Hamill (NZL) – Women F34 Shot Put 7.54m

William Steadman (NZL) – Men T36 400m 55.69

William Steadman (NZL) – Men T36 800m 2.11.98

Athletics New Zealand is represented by eight athletes and their full team list can be found here

Athletics Australia is represented by forty five athletes and their full team list can be found here

Date Name Fedaration Event Time (AEST) Result
8/09/2016 Joyleen Jeffery Papua New Guinea Women’s 100m – T12 Round 1 11:57pm  15.33 SB
9/09/2016 Alefosio Laki Samoa Men’s Discus Throw – F37 Final 7:09am  33.53m
11/09/2016 Maggie Aiono Samoa Women’s Discus Throw – F43/44 Final 11:02pm  19.56m
12/09/2016 Joyleen Jeffery Papua New Guinea Women’s 200m – T12 Round 1 8:28am  32.78 SB
14/09/2016 Sione Manu Tonga Men’s Javelin Throw – F46 Final 7:03am  35.62 PB
14/09/2016 Ana Talakai Tonga Women’s Shot Put – F11/12 Final 11:15pm  7.44m
16/09/2016 Samuel Nason Papua New Guinea Men’s 400m – T45/46/47 Round 1 11:30pm  53.64m
18/09/2016 Ana Talakai Tonga Women’s Javelin Throw – F12/13 Final 8:39am  7.44m (PB)
19/09/2016 Epeli Baleibau Fiji Men’s High Jump – T45/46/47 Final 7:18am  1.70m

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