2023 Oceania Congress

2023 Oceania Congress

The Oceania Athletics Association (OAA) Congress was held in Nadi, Fiji Islands on the 17 May at the 2023 Election Congress.

The OAA Congress voted overwhelmingly for the return of the incumbent president, Mr Robin Sapong-Eugenio for another four (4) year term.  

President Robin said ‘he was humbled by the support of the Membership and was looking to keep the momentum going over the next four-year term.  He thanked the Membership, his Council and Staff and in particular thanked President World Athletics, Seb Coe for his continued guidance and support.’

The Congress voted in a new Council who will take up their terms of office on the 27 August 2023.  The Council for the next four years will be:

Robin Sapong-Eugenio (NMI)

Trevor Spittle (NZL)

Matthew Mahon (AUS)

Cecile Gilroy (PYF)

Peoria Koshiba (PLW)

Albert Miller (FIJ)

Tim Rogers (NFI)

Dame Valerie Adams (NZL)

Following the World Athletics Congress, the Council will include ex-officio members, the World Athletics President and any World Athletics Council Members who represent Oceania Member Federations.  President Robin Sapong-Eugenio will remain on the World Athletics Council for the next term.