18 participants took part in the Womenโ€™s Leadership Seminar, held on the 30th May in Goroka, Papua New Guinea. The Seminar provided participants with an opportunity to strengthen their knowledge around the topic of leadership and practice relevant skills amongst like-minded individuals.

The course was facilitated by Oceania Athletics and provided participants with an up-to-date understanding of strategic communication, project management and leadership concepts in sports and business.

Emphasis was placed on unique opportunities and changes in the field of leadership and the increasing changes for women in a global context.

Oceania Athletics Development Officer, Regan Kama said the course was a success with the primary goal of empowering women achieved.

โ€œThe main goal of this seminar was to produce a sustainable, ongoing, systematic improvement of women in leadership positions,โ€ said Ms Kama.

โ€œIt was incredible to see how many of the participants didnโ€™t realise they were leaders and could continue to be leaders with the support of the network in our region and understanding of the opportunities provided.โ€

A particular focus was put on problem-solving and the different leadership styles between men and women.

The course was held in conjunction with the Highlands Momase Regional Championships and starters course.
The starters course was delivered by Peter Sinfield, an International Technical official from Australia. The course had a total of 14 men 2 females from 7 federations.

A mix of theoretical and practical components ensured participants were attaining the latest information and skills to enhance their ability as a Technical Official. The beneficial knowledge will strengthen the athletic officiating of numerous federations.

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