VAN2017 on Track for December 04

VAN2017 on Track for December 04

That was the message delivered by Van2017 and the Government of the Republic of Vanuatu last week to delegates at the Oceania National Olympic Committee (ONOC) meeting in Fiji.

Minister of Youth Development and Sport Hon. Simeon Seule assured the delegates that the Government is 100% committed to staging the Games.

“On behalf of my Country, I encourage all countries to come to Vanuatu in December to compete at their best and guarantee that the venues and the country will be ready to host the Pacific Mini Games,” he said.

CEO of Van2017 also provided the delegates with a detailed overview of the services to be provided including medical, transport, and the village plans, sports program, and travel requirements.

With less than 240 days now till the Village opens on Nov 30 and the sports start on Dec 04, it is important that the team make their travel plans to Port Vila Mr Flood advised.

Both the Government of Vanuatu and Van2017 echoed the message that a collaborative process is in place with each other to ensure that there are no further delays or impediments to the planning and delivery of the Games.

Vasanoc and the rest of the Pacific Nations also paused to remember and give their gratitude to the late Joe Carlo who passed away last August.

“Joe was the reason the 2017 Pacific Games came to Vanuatu in the first place,” said Antoine Boudier, President of Vasanoc.

“Joe was so passionate about this country and the role sport can and should play in helping to shape our nation.”

The Republic of Vanuatu was so fortunate to have his vision and energy — we thank Joe for all his contribution to sport and society,” said Mr Boudier.

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